Italchimici produces and markets a wide range of primary copper products suitable for electrolytic plating and melting applications.

Copper cathodes, which are the primary source of supply for the production of our own semi-finished products, are partly marketed as such and are therefore always available from stock for quick deliveries in different quantities and grades.

The main marketed and normally available copper products are:

  1. ELECTROLYTIC PLATING COPPER, full-size cathode
  2. ELECTROLYTIC PLATING COPPER,  strips in various sizes
  3. ELECTROLYTIC PLATING COPPER, 1×1” , 2×2”, 4×4” squares
  4. Phosphorous-copper MASTER ALLOY  (15% P) in granules or tablets
  5.  Phosphorous-copper MASTER ALLOY  (8% P) in granules or tablets
  6. COPPER Oxygen-Free nuggets    
  7. PHOSPHORUS-COPPER nuggets for acid plating baths
  8. PHOSPHORUS COPPER BALLS for acid plating baths