Since its incipit, Italchimici S.p.A. has marketed the following chemicals for use in various fields of industry, from the surface treatment industry to colour/paint manufacturers, from the manufacture of pottery to welding processes.

  • 6H2O nickel sulphate
  • 6H2O nickel chloride
  • 5H2O copper sulphate
  • Tin sulphate
  • Tin chloride
  • Boric acid
  • Sodium hypophosphite
  • Sodium saccharin
  • Chromic acid (chromium trioxide)
  • Sodium cyanide
  • Potassium cyanide
  • Copper cyanide
  • Zinc cyanide
  • Silver cyanide
  • Silver nitrate
  • Gold-potassium cyanide (±80.6% Au)

All the products are available in different shapes and packaging.

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