Precious metal

LMP was set up in 1985 to give added value to the raw materials that had long been marketed by Italchimici S.p.A.

As this website shows, LMP production ranges from semi-finished products for the silver manufacturing industry to ones for the electric and electroplating industry.

What all our products have in common is a high standard of quality, enabling the company to lead the way in the precious metal manufacturing industry.

LMP has recently upgraded its production lines and installed latest-generation equipment developed by leading European manufacturers using casting, rolling, annealing and extrusion technology. This has enabled the company to combine high production capacity with a consistently high standard of quality.

This ongoing process of modernisation entails the routine technological upgrading of the existing equipment and the purchase of new equipment.

The test laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated systems allowing an accurate analysis of purity, the composition of the alloys and their mechanical properties.

Product excellence can only be achieved with the support and skills of those who supervise the design and operation of the production lines.

Experience acquired in similar pioneering sectors ensures a rational and optimised use of our modern systems.

Research and development

Our quality control personnel work closely  with the production departments and provide samples at set intervals to ensure direct control of the process and compliance with the production rules.

Our team of skilled technicians are constantly searching for the best solutions within our production processes and provide customer assistance in line with our policy of continuous improvement and product customization.

Continuous investments are made to upgrade our fleet of machinery for researching new products and processes, the ultimate aim being to ensure increasingly efficient in-process control.

Ongoing technological upgrading and constant focus on the changing needs of our customers are the main features that mak Italchimici the ideal partner for your metal-working business.

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