Quality and Certifications

For the Italchimici Group obtaining quality certification to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 has called for a major investment that has brought about an improvement in all business processes.

The implementation of standardised processes, which undergo continuous rigorous checks and inspections at all stages, is a guarantee that the system complies with the quality standards. Our customers have the assurance that our products and services are the result of a business management system that is efficient and sensitive to end user needs and satisfaction.

Potential customers are therefore assured that Italchimici is a dependable supplier that wishes to establish a strong, long-lasting relationship in the metals market and – no less important – offer its expertise at an international level in providing flexible solutions to meet ever-changing requirements.

It is common knowledge that a company can continue to be successful only if it is able to meet and even anticipate customer needs and the requirements stated in technical specifications. But if there are deficiencies in the corporate organisation or procedures, compliance with the technical specifications is not enough to achieve customer satisfaction. This has led to the need to develop rules for controlling the business processes and assuring compliance with customer requirements. These rules form the base of our Quality Certification.

As a further guarantee that these rules comply with the continuing evolution of international standards, and confirmation of our customer-centric vision, the Italchimici Group continuously updates its quality system to comply with VISION 2000 standards.

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