Superior-quality products and services, latest-technology equipment and ongoing personnel training are the key elements Copper Italia has focused on to achieve its final goal of customer satisfaction.

The quality of our products and  customer service is therefore our primary objective.

Product quality can be achieved using cutting-edge technology and rigorous in-process tests and inspections.

The company is equipped with state-of-the-art continuous casting, extrusion and drawing plants for the production of “CuOF2000” oxygen-free and “PHOS2000” phosphor-bearing Cu (P 0,04~0,06%) semi-finished copper products.

Service quality is achieved thanks to dedicated and highly-skilled personnel, and a well-defined workflow.

Our 5000 m2 plant is situated in Lumezzane, near Brescia, in an area that has long been home to non-ferrous metallurgical processing industries. It is ideally located to handle logistics and has ample space for stocking numerous items ready for dispatch.

Production process

Copper Italia operates an Outokumpu UPCAST® plant for the continuous casting of oxygen-free high-conductivity copper wire.

The standard of quality of the wire made here is universally recognised and appreciated by the manufacturers of copper wire and cables for highly sophisticated industrial applications. The raw materials we use are premium quality grade-A copper cathodes with an oxygen content that is further reduced to fit within international standards and norms.

Oxygen-free wire produced using the UPCAST® plant is drawn continuously up to a  diameter of 0.015-0.02mm (15-20µm) for the production of ultra-thin wire, and 0.001mm (1µm) for the production of low-temperature superconductors.

The same focus on quality control and technological innovation is applied to the production of copper bars using latest-generation extrusion and wire drawing systems that ensure precise quality control at all stages of  the process.

Copper Italia uses Italchimici’s  proven and well-established sales organisation to market its products– a further guarantee for achieving our primary goal of customer satisfaction