Italchimici S.p.A. is the ideal evolution of the commercial business set up by Giuseppe Bolognini immediately after the second world war.

From an ordinary shop selling products for the growing manufacturing industry in the Lumezzane area, to the north of Brescia, the business has gradually developed to cover the commodity market in Italy and the rest of  the world.

Based in Lombardy, the company has opened stores in Florence and Milan that interact closely with the headquarters in Lumezzane to provide a network of sales agents covering most of Italy.

Our product range includes non-ferrous raw metals, semi-finished products (silver and copper products made by associated companies), chemicals for the electroplating industry and ferroalloys for use in steel mills.

Our core business originates from this highly diversified production, which has allowed us to gain a strong foothold in specific markets.

All the products and services supplied by ITALCHIMICI are guaranteed compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 under the Quality Assurance System certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS ITALIA.  This important achievement confirms Italchimici’s pursuit of a strategy of reinforcement and expansion, backed up by the excellent quality of the products and services supplied. Quality is the result of precise workflow rules that focus on achieving total customer satisfaction.

It is only thanks to intense teamwork – involving all the employees and all the companies – that we have succeeded in creating a really sound business that is now a benchmark for anyone making and selling metals in Italy and the rest of Europe.