Chromium & Chromic acid

The distribution agreements entered into by Italchimici S.p.A. and Bayer AG date back to the 1960s. Following Bayer’s spin-off of the chromic anhydride production business and subsequent move of the production site to South Africa, the company set a plant for the production of LANXESS, a popular product that still stands out today for its bead-like shape. This product, which guarantees reduced dust emissions, compared to the flakes,  is one of our strengths in our range of chemicals.

LANXESS chromic anhydride (Chromium trioxide) is characterised by unmatched quality.

Standard chemical specifications:
Cr min 99.70%
Na max 0.20% max
Cl max 100 mg / kg
Fe max 50 mg / kg
SO4 max 250 mg / Kg

For customers less accustomed to processes requiring a very high standard of chroming quality or using thickness chroming processes, Italchimici also offers chromic anhydride in flakes, which is produced by leading world manufacturers.