Italchimici is Italy’s main dealer of cyanides and boasts the largest storage capacity duly approved by local health authorities.

The distribution of these products is governed by agreements entered into in the immediate post-war period with the then leading European manufacturer  DEGUSSA (later renamed CyPLUS) and the then active Italian EDISON.

Subsequent distribution agreements with other major European manufacturers have guaranteed the constant presence of Italchimici in this market with products that are both sensitive and difficult to handle.

Main products supplied:

  • Sodium Cyanide into briquettes (pigeon egg size)
  • Sodium Cyanide  in powder
  • Sodium Cyanide  in granules
  • Purity: min 98% Na
  • Potassium Cyanide in powder
  • Purity: min 98% K
  • Copper Cyanide in powder
  • Purity: min 99,5% CuCN | Min 70% Cu
  • Zinc Cyanide in powder