Nickel Anodes (Stripes)

Thanks to its newly-installed semi-automatic cutting line, Italchimici S.p.A. can offer nickel anodes in strips of any shape and length, including cut-to-size strips.
Some examples:

600x100mm Strips
600x200mm Strips
700x100mm Strips
700x200mm Strips
800x100mm Strips
800x200mm Strips
900x100mm Strips
900x200mm Strips
1000x100mm Strips
1000x200mm Strips
1100x100mm Strips
1100x200mm Strips
1200x100mm Strips
1200x200mm Strips


Electrolytic nickel Squares & Strips

Electrolytic nickel is an indispensable metal for application in numerous  fields of industry and supports cutting-edge technologies, including electronics, chemical engineering, food engineering, energy technology, aerospace industry and special steels.

Italchimici S.p.A. ensures continuous steady supply of electrolytic nickel to meet the requirements of any business sector.

Available sizes:

1″x1″ squares
2″x2″ squares
4″x4″ squares
Cut to measure
(1 “= 25mm)

The above sizes are also available in the grades for use in PLATING and MELTING processes.

Packaging available:

The following packaging is available depending on the product size:

10 kg plastic bags
25 kg plastic drums
250kg metal drums
500kg metal drums
1000kg big bags